Monday, March 18, 2013

Surprise Party for Gee-Gee (Great-Grandma) Sandy

Happy 70th Birthday Gee-Gee Sandy!
Gee-Gee Sandy turned 70 last week!  We drove up to Alexandria on Saturday morning for the big surprise party, stayed in a hotel on Saturday night, and drove home on Sunday.  We loved getting to see so much family and celebrate with everyone!!  The kids especially loved swimming in the pool on Saturday night. :-)  Here are a few pictures I stole from Grandpa (thanks Grandpa!).

Making a birthday card with Grandma

Colton "helps" with the balloons :-)

Sheena does food and Paul taste-tests ;)

Javonte is getting so tall!


Summer ran to give Gee-Gee a birthday hug!
My buddy

Lots of people....

came to celebrate...

our awesome Gee-Gee Sandy's birthday...

while it snowed and snowed and snowed outside!


Oh, Paul.....having "fun" with his good-natured sister ;)

Gee-Gee Sandy and Colton

Such a cute picture!
Colton, Gee-Gee Sandy, Me, and Paul

The family went back to the hotel for gifts

The kids and me :-)

Kopel, Summer, and Jackson
Colton LOVES waterbottles

Swimming with Grandpa and Daddy


What a fun weekend! 


Jill said...

What a wonderful party! Sandy is certainly loved!! Happy 70th, Sandy. You are a very young GG, indeed!

The Mac-Trans said...

This HAS to be Paul's maternal grandmother- they ALL look alike, all 4 generations!

The Baum Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Family time is the best. :)

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