Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colton 11.5 months

Colton will be 1 year old in 2 weeks!  It seems like he has been growing up even in the last few weeks.  He is now entirely on solids (goodbye mush food!).  We just cut up whatever we are eating really small and he eats what we do.  He is my little carnivore--he loves sloppy joe's, barbeque chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers!  He also loves all types of crackers and cookies.  Grapes and bananas seem to be his two favorite fruits right now.  He is not a super big veggie fan, but likes to play with his peas :-).  The transition to whole milk went perfectly.  His first taste of whole milk was a little over a week ago, and he downed 8 oz in the first sitting.  He LOVES it.  He has now figured out how to tip the sippy cup enough where he can get the milk out all by himself.  This makes mealtime so much more relaxing, as he can completely feed himself and drink all by himself while I eat my meal (yay!). 

He can understand a few words/phrases.  The first word he recognized was "Tucker".  Even as far back as a few months ago, if we would say "Tucker", he would look to find him!  He says Da-Da to Paul a lot, so I think he might associate that word, but I can't be sure yet.  He has said Ma-Ma a few times in context, but again, I am not sure.  He uses "Ah-Da" a lot for "all done"--done eating, done vacuuming, etc.  He will hold up different food items and look at me, as if to say, "What is this?", which is really fun to tell him what different things are.  He gets really excited if I mention the word "Cheerios" or "upstairs"--(he loves to climb up the stairs). 

He has been loving to push around his walker, crawl everywhere, open and close things, roll and chase balls, examine anything with wheels, turn pages in books, and clap his hands.  Here is a little video of him playing with Summer's water bottle...he is starting to look more toddler and less baby!  YIKES! 


Jill said...

Cute post. Colton is a doll. But my favorite part is Paul laughing. :)

The Baum Family said...

Loved the video! What a happy little guy. :)

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