Friday, March 15, 2013


I have been really enjoying our "new" schedule these past two weeks.  While I used to work out during Colton's morning nap, now that both kids are sleeping in until 8, I have been getting up early and getting time to work out, have quiet time with the Lord, and shower, all before the kids get up.  It has been such a great way to start the day, and it allows me to focus on Summer during Colton's morning nap.  Because Colton doesn't get the one-on-one time with me that Summer did when she was Colton's age, we started implementing "Colton-Mommy-time" and "Summer-Mommy-time".  Between breakfast and Colton's morning nap is "Colton-time" where we do things that Colton likes to do, such as help him push his walker, read his books, let him climb the stars, play with his toys, etc, and Mommy is focused on Colton.  Then, after Colton goes down for his nap, it is "Summer-time", and Mommy is completely focused on Summer.  We do puzzles, play big girl games, do tot-school, etc.  It has been a great way to start our mornings, and I love my time with each of the kids.  By 11, we are ready to get out for a few hours (run errands/playdate/etc) and we are home in time for a 1pm lunch and 2pm naps/quiet time/tutoring.  This has worked out great for the past few weeks, and I would imagine stay pretty simliar until Colton is done with his morning nap.    Here are a few videos of our Colton-time and Summer-time this morning, as well as a few pictures from our trip to the zoo today.

Colton practicing walking

Summer practicing writing her name:

Summer is loving 24 and 48 piece puzzles now, and it is a special Mommy-Summer-time thing to do while Colton is napping so that Colton doesn't get into the pieces :-)

Zoo- We loved going to the zoo and seeing the highlights--the fish tank, the penguins, and playing in the bee hive.  Colton is old enough now to enjoy the bee hive, so it was fun to watch the two of them play!
Going down the slide together

Colton LOVED the slide and kept crawling back for more.  He learned how to scoot to get himself going down the slide all by himself!

Summer liked practicing her gymnastics moves on the honeycombs

Here are two more videos:

Colton finally learned to clap today (despite trying for many months!!!)

Summer learned some new dance moves from Daddy....;)  (This video was taken while I was at Auntie Kristin's wedding shower a few weekends ago).


Kristin K said...

Oh no! Colton is growing up in between each time I see him! I must see him soon!!!!! And please tell Summer I love her dance moves, and Eric loves her sense of rhythm... :)

Jill said...

Oh, I just love how Summer cares for Colton. What a wonderful big sister she is. And, Colton is such a big boy walking with his walker and going down the slide. And, good job writing your name, Summer! Grandma is so proud of you!!!

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