Saturday, November 19, 2011

Putting Up the Christmas Tree!

This year was fun because Summer was old enough to participate (a little!) in decorating for Christmas this year!  We made homemade pizza for dinner and then dug out the Christmas stuff from the basement.  While Mommy and Daddy were putting up the tree, lights, and decorations, Summer had fun looking through last years Christmas kept her entertained for quite some time!  When it came time to hang the ornaments, Summer did a great job!  We had a bunch of plastic (non-breakable) ornaments we bought the year we got married and these worked perfectly for her to hang on the low branches, because if/when  she dropped them, they bounced rather than breaking!  Here are a few pictures and videos.

Watching Daddy put up the lights


Helping mommy hang ornaments



Tucker got a special bone....serving as the perfect distraction from getting into the ornaments!

Paul hung up lights outside this year--our first time doing so!  You can also see our first snow of the year that came today.

Our finished tree!

The stockings :-)


Jill said...

Thank you for the glimpse into such a precious, fun evening. What a cutie pie hanging those ornaments. Your house looks festive, both inside and out. Oh, what a fun Christmas this will be in the Tommerdahl household. Love to all!!

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