Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introductiong Our Little Boy!

We had our ultrasound yesterday, and we learned that Tommerdahl #2 will be a boy!  We are very excited!  The ultrasound went very smoothly and we couldn't believe are fast we were in and out.  Our ultrasound tech was very nice and was able to tell us that baby was a BOY!  Even though I was guessing boy, it is still very weird to start saying he/him/son in regards to our baby, as all we have ever known is she/her/daughter for Summer!  We brought Summer along to the ultrasound because we wanted her to be able to see the baby.  She did great, and would point at the screen and say "baby"!   It is so much fun to be able to picture this little guy now when I feel him kick.  I wonder what he will look like!  I wonder what he will enjoy doing!  Already it has been fun to switch from generic prayers for his health and that he would love the Lord, to more specific prayers that he will be a strong man of God!  We love you already, baby #2!


Jill said...

We are so thrilled to be awaiting the arrival of our first grandSON!!! Love that little guy already. He's so photogenic, too. :) Summer will be a wonderful big sister!

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