Friday, November 18, 2011

Learning and Growing

Summer is really growing up!  At 15.5 months she is understanding and talking so much! 

Today she had her first phone conversation that was actually two-way! 

Today after our run, Summer and I walked together on the sidewalk, and she pointed out trucks (and said ba-bye when they drove past!), cars, leaves, sticks, puppies, our house, etc and we collected leaves and sticks.  She learned the word "wagon" when we saw one.  She obeyed when I told her not to go on other people's lawns, and stayed on the sidewalk instead. 

It is so much fun teaching her because she loves to learn!  These past few weeks, besides expanding her vocabulary, she has learned 7 or 8 different animals and their sounds as well as how to identify 7 or 8 different body parts.  For the first time this week she said "dank dooooo"  (Thank you) completely unprompted when I gave her her milk (and continued to say it over and over when I gave her something---so cute!).  That same day was also the first day she said "duv ooooo"  (love you) completely unprompted (I almost melted it was so cute!). 

Unfortunately, along with the vocabulary, understanding, and dialogue, also comes with it the opportunity to say "no" when mommy tells Summer to do something.  Lately, we have had several extended tantrums, unfortunately, as Summer tests the waters to see if Mommy means what she says.  Although these tantrums can last up to 45 minutes of crying and dramatic tantrum style kicking  (!!!), Mommy has been teaching Summer that obedience is very important for a little girl to learn, and when Summer does finally choose to obey, life is much happier for both Summer and Mommy.  Summer is a very smart little girl, and knows how to test, but she is also a very smart little girl in that it only takes one or two tantrums before Summer learns that Mommy isn't going to change her mind on that particular issue!  Each time a rule or line is tested and held firm, Summer usually won't try to cross it again (at least for a while), which is so nice!  I am very proud of her, and continue to pray that her strong will would be used to bring glory to the Lord as she learns to use that will to hold firmly to what is TRUE and RIGHT.

I couldn't love my little girl any more, and I absolutely LOVE being with her as much as possible.  This age is so much fun watching her grow, smile, laugh, learn, and coming running to me for a hug.  It's the best.  I am so blessed.  I love you, Summer Tenleigh!!!


The Baum Family said...

What a big girl! So fun to see her learning new things. :) The tantrums are rough for sure. Sounds like you are handling them perfectly though! Love ya!!

Jill said...

Kelly, I am so proud of you! You are a wonderful mom! Summer is blossoming because of your loving, consistent teaching.

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