Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer is 6 months old!

Wow!  It is amazing to think we met our little Summer half a year ago!  And it is funny to think back to last year at this time when we were just finding out that she was a girl :).  So much can happen in a year!

6 months is definitely my favorite age so far.  She is so interactive, smiley, and really much more good-natured than even a few weeks ago.  She can now keep herself entertained with her hand, her foot, or anything that moves or lights up.  She loves to grab for things and shake things.  And she gives out soooo many smiles!   Every time Paul comes home from work she smiles from ear to ear when she sees him, and I love getting her up from a nap and watching her expression light up when she sees me!  She is definitely still in constant motion when awake and squirmy when we read books, but there are still a few cuddle moments when she will snuggle in...even if it is only for a few seconds!  I would describe her as full of energy, alert, curious, happy most of the time, and full of adorable personality!

I took her in to JCPenney for her 6 month pictures and should hopefully get the pictures back sometime next week.  Click here to see her pictures.

To celebrate her six month birthday, Summer got to have carrots for the first time!  :)  Here are a few snapshots...there is video below.

Today I took lots of video to document her first half birthday.  Here are a few...

Waking up from her morning nap....
An interview with Summer....
Saying "Ma-Ma"
Playing with a favorite toy: an empty cereal bag
Summer's first homemade baby food
Summer's first time eating carrots (what a way to celebrate a half-birthday...veggies...woohoo!)
Playing with Tucker after dinner
Summer studying her hand...and laughing at Tucker


The Baum Family said...

Awww... she is just the cutest! :) Happy 6 months, Summer!

Jill said...

Grandpa and I just watched these over and over! We are laughing hysterically at the one where she says "mamama" and then spits up. Priceless! :) Our Sweet Summer is getting so big! Love to all!

Kristin K said...

Latest baby award!! Still love that giggle. And I also laughed at the spit up,haha. Can't wait to hold her all weekend long!!! :)

Kristin K said...


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