Monday, February 7, 2011

6 month check-up

Today Summer went in for her 6 month check-up.  She is very healthy!  She is starting to fall more into the percentiles for weight/height that I would have anticipated with the genes of her relatively small parents :), as she is now in the 39th percentile for height and 43rd for weight. (She used to be in the 70-80th percentile!).

In short, our little girl is 25.5 inches tall, 15lbs 11.8 oz, and has a head size of 43.2 cm (70th percentile).  And, an extra serving of adorably chubby cheeks :)!!!!

Here are some pictures of her this weekend when we went up to my parent's cabin to celebrate my dad's birthday.

She LOVES this exersaucer because there are lots of things to look at/play with and she can stand up to play!

Look at me!

I'm taller than daddy!

Talking with her hands!

I love bath time!

After bath time each night, daddy and Summer do a "diaper dance" in front of the mirror!

Summer likes to pull daddy's hair!


Jill said...

Definitely adorable chubby cheeks! :)

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