Monday, February 21, 2011

Sitting Up and other news

Over the past few weeks, Summer has been getting better and better at keeping her balance while sitting.  I like letting her sit inside the boppy pillow, just in case she does tip over, so that her fall is softer!

Here is a video of her playing while sitting all by herself.

 She looks pretty proud of her accomplishment! :)

It has been really fun introducing new foods to Summer.  While the first week was a bit frustrating (she threw a few tantrums at eating from a spoon!) we are doing much better!  For lunch she usually eats rice cereal mixed either with bananas or applesauce.  For dinner, carrots and squash are usually on the menu.  It is so cute to watch her lean toward the spoon when she wants more!  I have been enjoying the website Wholesome Homemade Baby Food learning how to make and freeze different types of food.  I had never eaten, much less bought or prepared, squash before and this website walks you through all the steps.  It surprised me how easy it is, and its nice to save a little money, as baby food jars add up so quick! 


Sarah said...

Grandma Tommerdahl will be so happy to see Summer has her purse out :)

Stefanie Schocke said...

I loved making my own baby food! Cool site, I'll have to bookmark it for later!

The Baum Family said...

Great job sitting up, Summer!!!! What a big girl. :)

Jill said...

As I'm home recovering from a nasty sinus infection, I have looked at this post several times. Summer's pictures are definitely therapy to whatever ails you. Such a sweet face! Love that baby girl!

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