Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Laughs and Smiles

One of the most rewarding things is hearing Summer laugh!  It doesn't matter what kind of day I'm having, when I hear her laugh I can't help but smile!  This past month, we've gotten to hear many more laughs--many in conjunction with Tucker!  As I was searching through our recent videos, most of them centered around us trying to capture that laugh on video!  As a result, we have many videos of Paul and I doing silly talking in a silly frog voice with Summer's puppet....Paul juggling clementines and dropping them....but few videos of the adorable Summer giggle because by the time one of us would run and grab the camera, the moment was over!  Anyway, we did capture this giggle on camera.  Tummy kisses and kisses under her chin make her laugh!

Another thing that Summer laughs about is chasing Tucker on her new princess car she got for Christmas.  We will push her as fast as she can go as we chase Tucker around the house and she will laugh and laugh!  We don't have video yet, (I often play this game when Paul is at work, and it is hard to video while playing!) but here are a few snapshots of her in her car.

 Another thing that without fail, brings a Summer smile, is seeing her daddy.  Whenever he comes home from work, she will flash him a huge gummy smile and doesn't want to take her eyes off of him!  These pictures were from when we went to see daddy at work over lunch.


Kristen said...

Hey Kelly! Your mom had linked to your blog on Facebook awhile back, and then I never checked it out. But now I have and thought I would say hello! Summer is such a doll! Nothing like their smiles and laughs. She is just so cute! Enjoy these moments!

Kristin K said...

That video is the best thing ever.:)

The Tommerdahls said...

Thanks Kristen and Kristin! Kristen, cool cookbook on your blog....I might have to try a few recipes!

Jill said...

Grandpa and I laughed out loud "with" Summer while we watched the video....more than once! So precious! Those Summer giggles are the BEST!

The Baum Family said...

What a sweet little laugh! I love how baby laughs can just make your day. :)

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