Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Food!

Summer is almost 6 months old (on Feb 3rd) and we decided to give her the FIRST TASTE of anything she has ever had, other than breast milk!  We made some rice cereal for her tonight.  She made some funny faces and seemed to enjoy chewing on the spoon more than eating what was on the spoon!  She eventually got the hang of it and would open her mouth when the spoon was near, and slurp off the cereal.  We're not sure how much actually made it to her stomach (a lot ended up on her chin!), but I would say it was a successful first try!


Jill said...

Summer's mommy LOVED rice cereal when she was Summer's age so it was fun to watch Summer try it for the first time. So sweet. Thanks for sharing this special moment. Love to all.

The Baum Family said...

Looks like a success!! She's so sweet. :) Good job, Summer!! You should invest in a couple plastic/vinyl coated bibs that you can just rinse in the sink and hang when she's done. It will save you a lot of laundry.. especially when she starts eating the orange baby foods which stain badly! :)

Unknown said...

Great job Summer. Fun video. Put a smile on my face.
Grandpa T.

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