Sunday, January 1, 2023

Tommerdahl Christmas

Tommerdahl Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in January with the Tommerdahls, as sickness and blizzard prevented us from driving north during the Christmas season.  We all enjoyed being together and especially enjoyed skiing together at Andes (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa T)!!  We also enjoyed delicious food, sledding, watching the Vikings, and just hanging out.

Larkyn was so excited to get a some very cool Lego sets (and is actually currently building as I write!) 

Colton was pumped to get a poem that told him Grandma and Grandpa will take him to pick out new cleats and a new soccer ball very soon!

Summer loves her new air pods! (And all three kids thought it was pretty fun to get socks with Dotson's face on them!)

The kids also enjoyed giving their handmade gifts to family.

Thank you GeeGee Sandy for the generous gift of money!

We love you all!



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