Wednesday, December 14, 2022

December Concerts and Performances

 This December our kids enjoyed performing in a piano recital, church musical, elementary school concert, and middle school concert.  Pictures and videos included below:

Piano Recital

Larkyn played "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie and Summer played the theme from Mission: Impossible.  Both girls did a great job and enjoyed dressing in the theme of their song.  Colton was at a soccer game but got back in time to watch Larkyn's first ever piano recital! 

Click here for a video of Larkyn's recital performance.

Click here for a video of Summer's performance.

Christmas Musical
"The Secret of Snowflake County"

In this musical, snowflake county is putting on a competition for the best Christmas performance.  Three competitors including Summer as Candy Appleton, create musical masterpieces to impress the judges.  One of the competitors has "snowflake" dancers as part of her act, which Larkyn was thrilled to be!  Unfortunately the "bigger and better" drive of the competition gets out of hand when Colton (dressed as a reindeer pulling a sleigh) crashes into the pyramid of Christmas trees, and the simple and real message/meaning of Christmas is revealed by the mayor's little daughter.  Below are some pictures as well as links to watch the kids in their roles.  The full musical is available to view at this link: Chapel Hill Church, Eagan MN Live Stream December 11, 2022

In the large group songs, Larkyn is on the left in the front (marked by an L), Colton and Summer are on the left side of the right risers (marked by C and S).

Colton had a one line solo near the beginning of the musical.  Click here to listen.

Larkyn danced as one of the snowflake dancers.  Click here to watch her.

Summer played Candy Appleton, one of the competitors, and lots of lines. Click on the links below to listen to some of her lines.

Colton was pretty excited to get to be the reindeer that "crashes" into the Christmas tree pyramid.  Click here for the video.

Larkyn sang this sweet solo after the contestants realized the simple but powerful message of Christmas.  Click here to hear it.

School Concerts


Larkyn's class sang three songs: Little Drummer Boy, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Marshmallow World.

Larkyn got to introduce one of the songs (click here for the video

She also made up and taught the class the actions for one of their songs Marshmallow World. (click here for the video).  It was really cute!


Colton's class sang three songs: Deck the Hall, Rise up Shepherd, and Still, Still, Still.  Click here and here for clips from Rise Up Shepherd.

Colton got to introduce Deck the Hall.  Click here for the video.

His 5th grade band also performed two songs: Come Though Long Expected Jesus and Jolly Old St. Nick.  Click the link to listen.


Summer's 7th and 8th grade band performed 3 songs: Merry Mozart Christmas Part 1Part 2 , Bring a Torch Janette Isabella Part 1, Part 2and Santa the BarbarianIt was really fun to see how much her band has improved since last year.  Click on the links to enjoy their songs.  Santa the Barbarian is especially fun!

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of you that supported the kids, both near and far!  Grandma and Grandpa K, Grandma and Grandpa T, Auntie Kristin, Uncle Eric, Teddy, Charlie, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, Owen, Elton, GeeGee Sandy, Taylor, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Scott, Jenna, Leah, Neighbors Ken, Adam, and Kayla, and good friends the Dahlens!   Thank you! 


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