Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 We celebrated thanksgiving with the Kirkwood side on the weekend before Thanksgiving, and over Thanksgiving break we headed to Fergus Falls to spend the long weekend with the Tommerdahl side.  We enjoyed lots of good food and family time!  We also spent time remembering Uncle Jordan, who passed away 3 years ago by visiting his gravesite.  We miss him lots and wish he was still with us.  We all enjoyed eating his special cornbread corn recipe for Thanksgiving and fondly remembering him "last minute" looking for the ingredients and making it while we were all together, and his recipe continues to be a way that he "joins us" at our Thanksgiving meal.

Kirkwood Celebration

Grandpa K's famous homemade pizza recipe! Mmmm!

Grandma and Grandpa K's turkey dessert!


Ornaments from Grandma and Grandpa-  To represent their 2022 year, Grandma picked Robinhood for Summer (representing the play she was in this summer, art for Larkyn (who is always doing some sort of art or craft) and a mini drumset for Colton (who started lessons this year and is actually getting quite good!).

Tommerdahl Celebration

Summer made the cinnamon star bread and Colton made the banana bread.  Larkyn wanted to make something but she was sick leading up to Thanksgiving this year!

So delicious!

Hunting (Colton and I walked)

Larkyn loved "training" GeeGee Sandy's dog, Charle!

Grandpa picked a TOUGH puzzle this year, but these guys persevered and it was finished by Sunday evening!

I always look forward to the family traditional Lefse making!

"Almost" cousins Summer and Kopel :)

Hard but good visit to Jordan's gravesite.

On our drive back home, Larkyn drew this sweet drawing of Uncle Jordan's gravesite.  We all miss him.


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