Saturday, July 31, 2021

Kids Camps

 All three kids got to pick an activity/camp for our "camp" week.  Summer picked a theater camp, which met at the Minneapolis Children's Theater from 9-4, and taught her acting and dancing skills using portions of the Newsies musical.  It was a fantastic experience.  Due to covid, the camp directors sent clips from their days on an app called Flip Grid.  I don't have any pictures to share, but I will say that I was quite impressed with how much they learned in one week!  Colton picked a morning camp, Aeronautics, where he got to fly drones, learn about flight, and make different kinds of flying objects.  He also did an afternoon camp, Archery, where he learned a lot and improved his aim.  Larkyn picked a horse camp in Rosemount, which met from 10-3, where she got to ride horses (her horse's name was Dreamer), do crafts, learn how to saddle horses, pick their shoes, pick up poop, and more!  Here are a few pictures....


Larkyn and Dreamer


Since I don't have any pictures of Summer at her theater camp, I'll just include a few fun ones of her - one is on one of our girls nights, the other is when she and Larkyn were babysitting a friends' two little girls.


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