Tuesday, February 23, 2021

January and February

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted almost all of the pictures I took the past two months when I was trying to transfer them to the computer.  So this post will not have very many pictures.  However, I wanted to highlight two very important events that happened....Larkyn and Colton's spiritual birthdays!  

Because I don't have pictures, I will link to the recipes Larkyn used for her "Larkyn cooks" night.  She made this icecream cake, this fluff jello, these meatballs, garlic knots, and shell pasta.  We enjoyed celebrating by reading from the blog how she trusted Christ as her personal Savior, and reliving the memories of each of her celebrations to date.  Her gift from us was the Action Bible Devotional.  Larkyn, we love you so much and are so proud of you how you are growing in your faith and in kindness to others.  I praise the Lord for your faith and for how I see him working in your life!  I pray you continue to stay on His path for you, and seek Him and His will first, always!  

I have just two pictures from Colton's spiritual birthday that didn't get deleted.  This one picture of Colton's dessert for his spiritual birthday survived, which is nice because we used a combination of three different recipes to make this giant Oreo!  The frosting really did taste like an Oreo!

The rest of his menu included making Grandpa's homemade pizza crust and pizza sauce recipe, for an amazing pizza!

His gift from us was a devotional book called Exploring the Bible.  This year he started doing his morning Bible reading all on his own, when he did his first Bible study, BSF Genesis.  This devotional is the perfect next step for him, as it has a reading portion for each day, and the verses have him reading chunks through the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation, so that when he finishes, he will have read "through the Bible" even though he is not reading each book in its entirety . There is even a spot for Sunday sermon notes, which I was shocked that he excitedly did, and did a great job!  On each day there is a small box to write a response to his daily reading, and although Colton doesn't love to write, he has really taken ownership over this and it has been perfect for him.  He sets his alarm each morning and hasn't missed a weekday yet.  If he finishes the daily reading early, he reads more!   I am so proud of him making God a priority and transitioning so well from Mom-Colton Bible reading each morning to taking ownership over it!  That is my ultimate goal for the kids, is that it will become a lifelong habit to start their day with God!  I am so proud of you Colton, and I love watching you grow in the Lord!

Well, I wish the rest of my pictures didn't get deleted!  We have really enjoyed our last few months of homeschooling.  We just finished our poetry unit, and are starting creative writing now.  The kids are making huge progress in math, and I love getting to see it!  We all enjoy reading the Story of the World together, and are currently in the late 1700's.  In science, we wrapped up our unit on sound, and are now on to the respiratory system.  We introduced DOL (daily oral language) and it has been really great for both Larkyn and Colton to work through common spelling and punctuation errors.  Summer is still enjoying trombone, and looks forward to zoom lessons with Grandpa K and her band director each week.  Another highlight for Summer is she started her first job as a mother's helper for a friend from church.  She adores little James, and is excited to meet James' new little brother coming this month.  She babysits on Friday mornings.

We have been enjoying family nights each Friday, where we have played lots of family games, had a family lip sync contest, paper airplane contest, baked cookies, and recently have enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie together.  

The kids have gotten really creative, creating all sorts of new games and fun together, from making up a game called "un-wrappy ball"(out of a rolled up knitted scarf Colton made), "Here Pucky-Pucky"(played on ice-skates with hockey pucks found at the rink), and currently are playing with a homemade popsicle stick catapult and trying to shoot marshmallows into Colton's mouth.... 

I love that they are so creative and have fun together!  We have spent LOTS of time outdoors, ice skating, sledding, playing in the snow, and more.  I am grateful for each moment we get to spend together!


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