Sunday, February 16, 2020

Random Winter Fun

Here are some random fun pics from the last few weeks!

Omnitheater at the science museum

News at the Science Museum

Seeing Frozen 2

Frozen 2

Holding soap balls of CO2 at the science museum




I took the kids to a band concert at Eastview where I teach... Summer is currently thinking trombone for next year, and she loved talking to the daughter of my coworker who loves being a female trombone player!

Sometimes its just fun to take a sleeping pic.....

The girls are in a sisters dance class (ages 5-9) and will dance to Sisters from White Christmas this spring

Paul found his old dollar bill folding book and taught Colton how to make a bow tie and a "dime"ond ring ;)

Reading Fort Cuddles

Colton LOVES making things out of cardboard!  He has his "cardboard" shop in his closet, which consists of many cardboard boxes and tape :)


Larkyn got to celebrate her half-birthday at school!

I had a workshop day, so I got to have lunch with Summer at school!

Colton in art class!
 The next few pictures are with Bode, Grandma and Grandpa's dog, whom we got to babysit while they were in AZ.  The kids (and Paul) were in heaven getting to have a dog!

Grandpa's birthday

Seeing hot air balloons

Seeing hot air balloons

Headed to my friend Julia's wedding!

Megan, Julia, and Elise were all in my wedding.  The last of the four of us married on February 1st!  Here are all 4 of us high school besties with our spouses.


Colton and cousin Charlie at Charlie's schoolbus birthday party!

Dressed in yellow for Charlie's schoolbus birthday party!

Daddy made a giant mound of snow in the backyard for the kids to play on!

Roller rink family night at church!

Colton with his buddy from school that he brings each week to Wednesday night clubs

Larkyn with two of her kindergarten friends that she brings to Wednesday night club each week!


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