Monday, November 25, 2019

Fall Fun

Leaves and Pumpkins

Lovin' the gorgeous fall colors on our walk to school

Leaf Raking Fun

Pumpkin Carving 

Our church had a family night where they read the Pumpkin Parable (how Jesus cleans the gunky sin out of of our lives, and carves us to let HIS light shine through) and we carved a family pumpkin :)

School and Friends

Special when Grandma and Grandpa come to school for lunch!

Summer's friends and their moms went to dinner and to see a play together!

Colton, our math and science guy, surprised us with his artistic talent when his painting got picked to be displayed all year long on the wall at Southview.

Kindergartener Larkyn finally got her turn to "disguise a turkey" so he didn't get eaten for Thanksgiving...

Giraffe :)

Summer is loving Destination Imagination, where she and her team creatively solve instant challenges much more.  Their competition will be in February.  Its a great group of kids, and so fun that Grandma and Grandpa K are helping to coach!

Summer and her two Southview besties at lunch

Larkyn was SO excited that kindergarten friend Cora joined us for Wednesday night clubs at church!

Summer and friends

Cousins and Family

When mom was away at women's retreat, daddy taught the kids his pizza making secrets and they loved the new Aladdin!

Date night to Loons Game!

Loving on our Uncle before he headed off to college in AZ

These cousins LOVE each other!  

Top Priority

Jesus is top priority in our house.  First thing in the morning, each school morning, when I go in to wake up each kid, we read his/her Bible and pray together.  BEST way to start the day.  I love their sweet desires to know Him more.  One morning, all three kids were ready for school early.  I peeked in on them and all three happened to be quietly reading their Bibles all on their own, so I had to snap a picture.  Lord, thank you for your work in our family - please continue to bless and protect our family and bring glory to Your Name through us.  Amen.


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