Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

I am beyond grateful for the three blessings God allows me to care for daily, and they made me feel so loved today spoiling me with tons of homemade cards, creative artwork, homemade flowers, a multimedia presentation, a treasure hunt, and many creative expressions of love!

We started our day off at church, and then came home for take-out from my favorite Thai restaurant, Taste of Thayai (its soooo good!).  While the kids will eat Thai food, their preference is always Kraft Mac and Cheese, so we cooked up a big pot and enjoyed a leasurely dinner filled with great conversation.

 Gift opening took at least an hour as I enjoyed the bags filled with so many homemade things - they definitely spoiled me!

 From Larkyn, I got a homemade flower, a sweet card wishing me a "HAAB" Mother;s Day, and a "framed" (green) picture she drew of me :).

 The folded paper makes the frame :)

From Colton I got a homemade orange pop-up card of Colton opening his arms to hug me, a bouquet of homemade flowers, a fancy card holding $ for me to buy a new loofa ;), a homemade spinner for spending time with him, a card with intricate "paper lock" on the outside and puzzles on the inside, and a scroll with a picture of a tree :).

The spinner is for me to spin how we can spend time together :)

From Summer, I got two homemade cards one pop-up and the other spelling out MOM, a pipe cleaner flower bracelet, coupon for a manicure done by her, a "my mom" book with multiple drawings of things about me she is thankful for, a book of poems, and a slideshow of pictures of "silly" things and pictures like "she lets us have all the candy we want from the candy bowl" (not true lol!) etc! that she made while I was at youth group!

She also made a scavenger hunt, with clues hidden around the house.  Each plastic egg contained two slips of paper.  One had a clue on where to find the next egg, and the other was a slip of paper with a drawing and words saying something she enjoyed doing with me.  Priceless.

Needless to say, I was beyond spoiled!  I couldn't believe how many things they had for me to open!!  They each spent so much time creating such beautiful, creative, and unique keepsake treasures for me.  I always tell them, my favorite gifts from them are homemade and they truly made me feel loved!

Then we did an activity of my choosing - hiking!  Not only did we enjoy a beautiful trail, but we also enjoyed crossing a creek multiple times over fallen trees and lots of climbing in a fun old tree!  I enjoyed my day immensely!

I am so grateful to be a mom, but I am also SO grateful for the two amazing mom's I call my own, and how they are so intentional in how they are Grandma to our kiddos.  Thank you both for all you are to me and to our families!


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