Sunday, May 12, 2019

Field Trips & More


Summer got to go to the planetarium recently, and I got to chaperone!


Colton got to go to the zoo on a field trip and Paul got to chaperone!


In addition to our regular at-home- preschool work, Larkyn and I get to have special one-on-one experiences, like cooking lessons, the Children's Museum, and hiking :).  I am cherishing this last month of homeschooling!  While BSF wrapped up for the year last week, gymnastics and dance continue until the end of May.

We love visiting the fairy house on this particular hike :)

Showing off her gymnastics on the bars at the park.  

Larkyn loves dance class and Ms. Daria!
We will be out of town during Larkyn's June recital (we will be taking our first family vacation heading to Disney World!), so unfortunately she will have to miss it, but here are videos of the two dances she is currently working on, one ballet and one tap.


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