Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend at the Trailer

We spent last weekend up north at Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer.  We had so much fun and the weather was beautiful!  We drove up on Friday after the kids' swim lessons, and arrived just before dinner time.  The older two had fun staying up later than usual and getting to sit by the fire and roast jiffy pop for the first time!

On Saturday morning, while Daddy and Grandpa went fishing, we went to a festival in a nearby town that had tons of free inflatable jumpers, turtle races, free snow cones and more!  The kids had a blast jumping and sliding and really enjoyed participating in their first turtle race.  Summer and Colton each raced their own.  Larkyn decided to let Summer help her hold hers :).

After lunch we had a mini birthday celebration for Summer!  More pictures will be included in her birthday post :).

Summer loved her icecream cake and her bonus present (an attachable doll carrier for the back of her bicycle that looks like a mini version of one a real baby/toddler would use!  It's really cute!)

Both girls received cards and Claire's gift cards from Gee Gee Sandy.  They will have so much fun picking out something, thank you Gee Gee Sandy!

Then loaded up the tubes onto Grandpa's trailer and drove to the river.  I took this picture right by where we put in, then Grandpa and Daddy drove and dropped off the second vehicle to our ending point (along with the cell phone so it wouldn't get wet) so I didn't get any more pictures while we were actually floating.  When the boys got back, we all had a blast floating down the longest, best "lazy river" for two hours!  One highlight was picking cat tails (corn dogs!) along the river.  SO much fun!

We arrived back at the trailer for some delicious burgers and dogs, and a fun game of Skip-Bo.

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed some cuddle/book time.  Click here and scroll to the end of the video to hear Larkyn's belly laugh at Grandma's Curious George story!

After a late and delicious brunch of apple bread french toast, pancakes, bacon, and sausage, we went fishing on Grandpa's boat. Grandpa, Daddy, and I each took a kid to help bait/remove the fish while the kids reeled in over 50 sunnys! Each of the kids has come a long way in their fishing skills.  Larkyn loved getting her own leech out of the container and saying "its okay little leechy" as she carried it to its demise ;) .  She also learned when to reel without anyone needing to tell her and caught several fish all on her own!  Colton has grown in his skills of baiting his own hook with both worms and leeches, holding the fish, and can almost get the fish off his hook (it takes some muscle wrenching that hook out of the fish's mouth.  Summer did get a fish off the hook all by herself for the first time this trip, and was an old pro at holding and tossing her fish back in the water.  It was a perfect morning for fishing, and the kids set their own record of two hours of fishing going strong!

After fishing we went biking!  We brought along the kids bikes and Grandma and Grandpa brought an extra for me.  Paul rented one with a pull-behind for Larkyn.  We biked at Glendalough State Park and the wooded trail and weather were gorgeous!  Again, we didn't bring a phone along so the only pictures I have are in the parking lot, but its better than nothing!

After a late "Linner" (Lunch/Dinner) we headed for home.  The kids enjoyed watching the new-to-them Veggie Tale DVDs Grandma let them borrow so despite the traffic and hail, the ride was quite smooth in the backseat :).

Thank you for a fabulous weekend Grandma and Grandpa T!!!! We had so much fun, made fantastic memories, and love you so much!


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