Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Larkyn turns FOUR!

Larkyn turned 4 on July 1st!  We did lots of fun things to celebrate her over the past few weeks!

Birthday Party

Months ago, Larkyn knew exactly what she wanted to do for her birthday party!  She wanted to go to the American Girl Bistro restaurant at MOA with the three girls and their moms from our preschool coop.  There happened to be a Wellie Wisher tea party at the same time we were planning our party, which was even more fun!

Birthday Date

Each year on their birthday I try to take the kids on a special one-on-one date to something they would enjoy.  Larkyn picked to go on rides at MOA.

Birthday Pictures

Larkyn's smile and cute dimple lights up a room.  Her bright talkative personality combined with her petite stature make her a magnet for her siblings' friends, who can't get enough of her when she comes to visit Southview Elementary.

Larkyn's true beauty shines through as this year she understood she is a sinner and made the decision to ask Jesus to forgive her sins.  She has the sweetest prayers at mealtime that I am sure make God smile as they often have us giggling under our breath :).  She and I do morning Bible stories each day when she wakes up and she does a good job answering the questions that follow.  She has an amazing memory for her age and often has our verse memorized before her big brother.  She gets lots of practice saying "I'm sorry" to God and asking him for an obedient heart :).

Perhaps because she is the youngest, or perhaps because she is her own little person discovering her own way....Larkyn can be quite mischievous....doing things none of the other kids would have even tried....sneaking a cold hotdog and taking a bite, writing the letter "L" in black crayon all over the house, eating a piece of chocolate without asking,  washing her hands in her milk, and testing/pushing her boundaries are all things she has tried this year!  She definitely keeps us on our toes in bewilderment, amazed at the stunts she has pulled!

Larkyn loves the stage and when people admire her or think she is funny.  She enjoyed her acting camp this summer.  She loves to stand on the platfrom and shout "TA-DA" at gymnastics.  Dance is her all-time favorite activity.  She absolutely loves dressing up and getting fancy and being told she is beautiful.  She knows that she is beautiful "because God made me".

Larkyn's is starting to grow in independence but still prefers to be with Mom.  We are just starting to come out of a clingy stage where drop-offs were often tearful and difficult, but had a huge victory last week at VBS with no tears!  Larkyn has grown in her ability to clean her room and the dolly things all by herself, do her morning chores (make bed/get dressed/brush teeth) all by herself.  She puts away her own clean laundry and unpacks her own suitcase after trips.  She has learned how to toast and butter her own bagel, water the plants, and pick the strawberries.  She can unload the silverware, help sort laundry, and loves to vacuum the rugs (although the vacuum is bigger than she is!).  She has excellent manners, is good at sharing, and is quite daring on the playground in how high she will climb and what she will try.  She is still working on obedience the first time, always speaking kindly to her siblings, and not interrupting.  Her attention span is much shorter than her siblings at this age in terms of listening to books read aloud, but she is very interested in learning to read herself and loves to practice.

Larkyn's favorite thing is her pink heart blankie.  She also loves sticks.  Any kind of stick.  She loves to be outside.  Or wearing heels.  Or playing in the sandbox.  Or putting on wings, a crown, and a huge bow.  She is deathly afraid of ants...although she is slowly overcoming that fear.  She loves strawberries.  She will try just about any food.  She does not like to be called small, a baby, or a little kid and will quickly and matter-fact-ly correct people who call her such with the proper way to refer to her (I'm a big kid.)  She loves to play magnatiles, paw patrol, dress her dolls, dress up herself, and help cook.  And she LOVES shoes!  As much as she loves to play with her siblings, she makes her own way and will quickly do her own thing if she doesn't like how the game is being played. I pray that her independent spirit will keep her strong in her faith despite what others around her do/say/think.  I pray that as she works on her obedience to mom and dad, her obedience to God later in life will become a forthcoming habit.  I pray that she would have godly friends, teachers, and someday spouse.  I pray that she would always choose the straight and  narrow path and that God would use her to bring glory to His name and others into His kingdom.  Amen.

Family Celebration

Hotdogs, mac n cheese, corn on the cob, peaches, and chocolate milk

Thank you Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul for the sparkle paint, sparkle clothes, sparkle shoes, light up ball, and....


Mom and Dad gave Larkyn a dress up Paw Patrol Sky costume,

a leap start,
and interactive books to practice reading, writing, math, and Paw Patrol!
Colton gave Larkyn a Max Lucado Hermie and Friends book, and the car that she always wants to play with when they play cars :)

Summer gave Larkyn a Wellie Wisher book and certificates to do fun sister things together, like a sleepover, doing each others hair, etc.


We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa K at the cabin last weekend and with Grandma and Grandpa T when they came to our house!  

Celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa K, and icecream/brownies.

Larkyn loves her new raincoat, new dress, and new jammies!

She was thrilled about her new wallet, notebook, pens, and loves to visit the children's museum (new membership)!

Celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa T, and rainbow unicorn ice cream cake!

She was so excited about her watering can and flower planting kit!

She loves building with her new legos and magnitiles, and will use her new shin guards when she plays soccer!

Breakfast in Bed

Due to being out of town for the weekend of Larkyn's birthday, we decided to wait until the next day Daddy was home (4th of July) to do Larkyn's breakfast in bed. 

4 Year Stats:

Larkyn weighs 31 lbs 6 oz and is in the 19th percentile for weight.

Larkyn is 3'1" and is in the 5th percentile for height.

She is perfectly healthy and we are so grateful for the health God has given her!

We love you sooo much Larkyn Emery and can't squeeze you enough!  You bring us SO much joy!


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