Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Family Fun Fridays and Christmas Decorating 2015

 Back in September, I wrote about our plan for Family Fun Fridays to intentionally make family time a priority in our busy weeks, and posted our activities/pictures for September here and October here.  Our November Family Fun Fridays didn't always work out to be on Fridays this month, but we nevertheless attempted to allocate one day each week to family time. :)  Our themes for November were:

Family Service Project Night
Christmas Gift Making Night
Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Night
Christmas Tree Decorating Pary

Family Service Project Night

The kids and I went to the store together and picked out items to fill gallon size ziplock bags for the homeless. For our family night, we stuffed the bags with all sorts of goodies including Bibles, toiletries, warm socks, and shelf stable food.  We talked about how many people do not have homes.  We talked about how many people go hungry.  Last week, we took the bags over to a local food pantry so they could hand them out to those who come to the pantry and do not have homes.

Summer and Colton sorted items into piles

Daddy and Colton were a team, making sure to get one of each item in the bag.  Summer did her own bags.  I sealed them up.

Family Pic / finished bags

Christmas Gift Making Night

I won't post any pics yet as the gifts the kids made are a surprise for our family...shhhhhh.... :)

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Night

We had an early "just us 5" family thanksgiving with chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake (Summer won the cake in the AWANA cake raffle!) and talked about what we were thankful for as we made our hands in the shapes of turkeys.  We hung our turkey's on the fridge and I loved the fact that the kids continued adding more things they were thankful for as they thought of them over the next few days!


Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Each year, Christmas decorating is more fun as the kids get older because they enjoy it more, help more, and know what to do!  This year, Summer and Colton did so much that everything went so quickly.  It was fun to see them remembering past Christmas's too :).

Paul did a great job on the tree, as always!
Summer and Colton unwrapped and set up both nativities, unwrapped all the ornaments and hung the majority of them, and also did other decorating.  So fun!

Larkyn kept herself busy throwing away garbage for us, putting the felt advent calendar pieces in and out of the box, and walking around supervising :)

Colton hanging his Lightning McQueen ornament

Summer hanging one of her baby ornaments

Larkyn loved the idea of going back and forth, getting an ornament and trying to "stick it" to the tree, (and continued to do so repeatedly!) but couldn't quite get an ornament to stay on the tree :)

My favorite picture of all!
 Each year when we decorate, I like to try and get random video to capture the voices/etc of the kids at their current ages.  I love going back and reliving each Christmas!  Here is a collection of random video clips throughout our decorating, including Larkyn learning how to hang an ornament, to document our decorating this year. :)

We ordered pizza, did baths, and then finished up our final decorating just before bed.  This might be our first ever family picture with everybody looking and smiling!  Score!


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