Sunday, November 1, 2015

Larkyn - 16 months

Little Larkyn Emery is 16 months today!  She is tiny but FULL of personality, spunk, and opinions!!!

A few updates:

Larkyn now has 5 teeth showing in some fashion (her smile looks much like a jack-o-lantern!).  Her two top teeth are both part-way in, and her third bottom tooth is just surfacing.  I think I have spotted a molar coming in, but I am not sure.

Larkyn got her first haircut this month!  She had quite a few long stray hairs, so we evened it out a bit.  She did great and didn't cry a bit!  In fact, she looked over her shoulder and saw big sister and brother getting their hair cut and gave a "look how big I am" look to me that was pretty priceless ;).

Larkyn took her first solo steps this month.  Uncle Jordan and Auntie Madison were babysitting while the rest of us were at AWANA on Wednesday night and encouraged her to take her very first steps.  The following morning she took a few more.  She is quite sturdy when she chooses to walk, but still mostly refuses, getting an impish grin on her face and leaning backwards or sitting down when we try to let go of her hand ;).

Video: Larkyn First Steps (October 29th)

Some of Larkyn's favorite toys are the push toys - because she loves to walk but doesn't want to on her own!  She will push cars, her baby stroller, and her walker all over, and will say "stuck" when she gets stuck and "thank you" when someone helps her.  It's pretty cute.

Video #1: Stuck/Thank you:

Video #2: Pushing Fire Engine Car

Video #3 Pushing Colton around at Open Gym

Larkyn is interested in EVERYTHING except her toys ;)...including the remote, cords, crayons, scissors, cabinets, the stairs, drawers, the older kids' toys, the toilet, toilet paper, etc.  Her newest trick is unbuckling her carseat while we are driving.  We have had to zip her jacket over the buckle.  She keeps me on my toes!  She knows exactly what she is doing - and will grin and smile right at me before choosing to touch/do something she shouldn't!  Oh dear!  This month we have started small discipline at her level, and I can already see a difference.  Nevertheless, I do not feel comfortable taking my eyes off of her! 

Outside, Larkyn is usually found either pushing around a toy car, or by the vegetable garden.  She LOVES to pick the cherry tomatoes- green or red ;).  

 Video: Larkyn in the garden

Larkyn has started tantrums when I tell her she can't touch/do something.  Maybe its because she is the third kid or maybe because she does it with such awesome drama - her pout and full body face down on the floor is classic! - but her tantrums are kind of funny!  They usually don't last terribly long, but they are quite dramatic ;).  

Larkyn is SUPER sweet and cuddly and loves to cuddle up and give hugs and kisses to her blankie, dolly, and people - especially Colton!  During our after school snack we sit at the kids table.  Larkyn will often come up randomly to Colton especially, lean her head near his chest, and starting giving him hugs and kisses!  I keep trying to get a video but the by the time I get my camera she is usually near the tail end ;).  I included a few videos below.  After her hugs and kisses for Colton she often attempts to steal his fruit snacks, haha ;).  She also loves to pat his head (especially from her high up position in the grocery cart), pull his ear, and be an annoying little which he gives it right back and they both end up giggling!

Pulling Colton's ear

Video #1 Kisses for Colton

Video #2 Kisses for Colton

Video #3 Kisses for Sumer

Larkyn still loves her pink blankie best of all, and will request it, crawl over and try to pull it out of her crib slats.  Her blankie was brought with her to her first BSF drop off last week and allowed her to make it through the separation with minimal crying - yay ;).  Hoping for a good week drop off for week #2!

Video: Crawling up the stairs to find Blankie

Except for when told she cannot do something she wants to do, she is still a happy baby!  Her smile is the best and her jabber is my favorite.  She is communicating great.  I have lost track of how many words she has now, but it is probably between 30-50, interspersed among gibberish, and repeating many, many more.  She can identify many of her body parts, can tell what several animals say, can repeat the names of almost all the shapes and colors, as well as can name 5-10 of her favorite books by some word in its title when mentioning which one she would like to read.  She can string together two words now, and say things like "hi baby" or "hi daddy", "night night" and "love you".  Unlike my other two, who would say "all done" when they were finished eating, Larkyn says, "washcloth"!  Probably because I always follow up my question, "Are you all done, Larkyn?" with "Should I get the washcloth?"  I feel like I can truly communicate with her and that she can communicate back, which, to me, is when babies start to become REALLY fun :).

Video: Identifying some body/clothing parts, Blankie, Night-Night, Love you

Video: Washcloth

Video: Mommy, Outside, and other gibberish
Larkyn watching Mommy rake leaves


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This girl! So in love.
And the second tantrum pic is just priceless, lol.

Jill said...

No words for this post about this girl. Larky-Loo is just too adorable. That haircut picture is just too much! :)

The Baum Family said...

Love this Larkyn update!! She's so sweet.

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