Monday, June 8, 2015


 We have been excited to start camping with the kids for a while now, and because Larkyn is such an easy going baby, and the other two are at such great ages for camping (3 and 4.5), we decided to give it a whirl this past weekend!  We headed up to Wilmar (Paul's cousin lives there and her high school graduation open house was Saturday evening) and stayed at Sibley State Park along with Grandma and Grandpa T and Javonte.  As I told quite a few people before we started out, I had high hopes but low expectations :).  Well, I was completely blown away by how well it went and how great everyone slept that I can't wait to go again!  Here are a few pictures to document our first camping trip:

Setting up the tent

Playing while Daddy sets up the tent.



And of course...S'mores!
Mmm :)

Bathtime in the campground bathroom.

Bedtime for Larky Loo

Bedtime for Princess and Lightning McQueen

Portable Potty in tent for nighttime needs, complete with light up glow stick so its visible at night (worked perfectly!)


Hanging with my hubby at the campfire just like old times!  (only now we have 3 kids in the tent!!)

Gorgeous sunset over the lake

Pancake Breakfast

Walking around the campground

Played at the giant sandbox for hours!

Walking with Uncle Javonte while kicking the soccer ball :)

Lunch - taco in a bag
Nerf guns!

"Walking" with Grandma :)

Grandma brought all sorts of fun games for the kids, including "Mosaic Mysteries"

There were so many wonderful hiking trails calling my name, however we didn't get to do many as there was a thunderstorm rolling in.  Summer, Larkyn and I started a fun one but turned around when we felt rain.  This little girl loves hiking as much as I do!!!  Here is a picture from the trail we started.

Grandpa cuddles!

At the open house for Paul's cousin Hannah we saw lots of extended family, including Kopel.  Summer and Kopel had so much fun playing together!  Don't they look alike in this picture? :)

While we had planned to stay two nights, the thunderstorms rolling in had us heading home on Saturday evening.  We were all so disappointed!!!!  Oh well, at least everyone had fun!  We all can't wait to go again!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Yay family time!! The goodnight Larky Loo photo is heart warming. =))

Jill said...

So thrilled to hear how well the tent worked out! Disappointing to cut the trip short, but I know you will have many, many more years to camp as a family. (What a great idea to put a glow stick on the portable potty!!) :)

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