Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Wrap-Up

Woops - I blinked - and now it is almost April!  I have got to stop doing that ;)....

We have been loving the spring weather this week!  Our snowman from last week...

Now looks like this....

Which means we can now do this...

However we still had many cold days in March, where we did things like...

playing legos

lots of silly!

arts and crafts

Indoor playground showroom

indoor playground showroom

Many play dates with lots of wonderful friends (we are so blessed!)  Here is one with Summer and Adry.
We babysat Cayden (one month apart from Larkyn)
These two babies are SO cute together!!!
 Here is an adorable video of Larkyn and Cayden...

We have done a little bit of school, including

Practicing our letters...

After practicing many "N"'s, Colton is now able to write his whole name except I make 4 "dots" to help him form his "N"
Practicing our reading and states...

Summer is continuing to bud into quite the reader, reading cereal boxes, signs, books, and anything she can!  She is also learning quite a few of her states.  (Sorry about the fussy Larkyn in this video's background - we were doing puzzles while we waited for Daddy to come home and Larkyn was getting hungry for dinner!)

Practicing our Letters/Numbers/Shapes/Colors

We did a mall scavenger hunt for letters/numbers/shapes/colors.

 Each kid had a clipboard with these things listed, and as we walked through our local mall, they would circle the things they found.

 They LOVED it.  The trickiest letter was "X", but our friend Ms. Rachael who works at a store at the mall, helped us find an "X" on one of the tags in her store :).

Learning from God's Word

And we of course, have been learning from our daily Bible readings.  After reading through his Beginner's Bible more times than I can count and completing the Big Picture Story Bible twice, we have moved onto the Read and Learn Bible with Colton, which has a little longer stories.  I love our time together before quiet time where he sits on my lap, and rests his cute chubby fingers on my hand :).  We are currently reading in the time of David and Solomon.

This past summer, Summer and I started reading a Bible we picked up at a garage sale last summer, The Children's Bible, which is actual excerpts from the Bible instead of a re-written account of the stories.  It still however has pictures on each page.  It amazes me that she loves to read this Bible because some of the accounts are written in tricky language.  However, she loves it, and often asks me to explain the story after we read it.  Because instead of stories we are reading actual chapters out of the Bible, it has taken us many months to get through the Old Testament, however, we just finished the prophets this week and started the New Testament.

Daily Bible reading is a priority in our home because I want to create a habit and love of God's word in them while they are young so that they will hopefully continue on their own while they are older.  God's Word currently keeps ME grounded so that I am thinking about living my life in the right way and keeping my priorities straight, and I notice when I skip days, my attitude toward life changes and I start focusing more on myself and trivial things and less on others and important things with eternal value.  All this to say, Bible reading, focus, discussion, and memorization is a huge part of our day!  Here are our last two verses of the week:

Psalm 135:6 The Lord does whatever pleases him in the heavens and on the earth.

Isaiah 63:7 I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised.

This month of March I have been thinking a lot about this last verse, Isaiah 63:7.  March was a challenging month in many ways for me because we dealt with a lot of sickness and lack of sleep.  Besides having all 3 kids be sick for an extended period of time, we also had some strange stuff with Summer.  I think it was because she was so overtired from sickness, but she had some freaky strange night terrors where she would "half" wake up and just cry and cry and we couldn't get her to all the way wake up and talk to us.  I felt so helpless.  My mind raced and I started to fear - mostly irrational fears - but nevertheless - real fears.  At this same time, Colton was coughing through the entire night for almost 2 weeks straight, and I nothing I tried would take his cough away and give him rest.  I again felt so helpless.  As desperately as I wanted to, I couldn't help my kids.  One night as I was "sleeping" while holding Summer on the couch, and reassuring her when she would half-awake cry out, that "Mommy is here", an exhausted and helpless me fought back the tears as I prayed acknowledging to God that I had no control over this situation and I didn't understand it, and I needed him to take over.  I had nothing left.  And....he DID.  A peace overwhelmed me that he was in control, and was always in control, and would always be in control.  Nothing I could do would change that, and I just needed to trust him.  And that "handing over the reigns" so to speak allowed me so much peace.  I realized that in my the moment of utter helplessness, I saw His kindness more than ever.  And so, in this blog post, I decided that

I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised.
Isaiah 63:7


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Love S/C hugging each other while they say the verse. =) Love Larky's smiles. And coos with baby Cayden. And you last part made me tear up. I'm getting old and sappy. But thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Love this post for so many reasons. Love the glimpses into life on Beacon Lane. And, love you all. And, your transparency as you share your faith journey as you parent those kiddos.

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