Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Larkyn 8 months

Larkyn is 8 months!

 My post is few days behind because she (and the rest of the gang!) was sick with nasty colds/coughs/fevers all week (it has been quite the week)!

Larkyn had her highest fever yet on her 8 month birthday - 103.3 degrees.

Coolin' off with Daddy, sporting the fashionable "wet washcloth hat and diaper look" :)
Anyway, we are finally fever-free around here, so I am ready to write about our little 8 month old!  Here is a collection of pictures I have taken of her throughout the last month...I realized as I was compiling them that a lot of them have to do with her eating!  This girl is only 16 lbs and some ounces but she can put away a fair amount of food!!!!  She is now officially a meat eater, and has loved everything she has tried, including ground beef (in pureed lasagna and sloppy joes), pork chops, and chicken.  She normally breastfeeds 2-4 times a day, and eats 3 solid meals a day.  She will eat almost anything!

Here Summer is feeding Larkyn pureed pears - she loved them as evidenced by her consistent HUGE open mouth waiting for the next bite!

Daddy let Larkyn try chocolate this month and it was love at first taste!  Here is a series of pictures - I just love her expressions!

First bite...


I'm not sure what you gave me, Daddy, but it sure is delicious!  I'll take more of that please...is it on your face?

Oh, there we go.  Thanks, Daddy!

Oh MY is that delicious!

More please!

I don't know what to say, this stuff is crazy good!

 Other food pictures...

Larkyn will often finish a meal off with a graham cracker for dessert!

I love that she can feed herself this way, and give Mommy a chance to eat :)

She also had her first "wagon wheels" this month.

Larkyn's meals are "combination" meals now.  I have bags of pureed food cubes (that were frozen in ice cube trays) in our freezer and I just pull out different cubes at each meal.  I usually mix together cubes of various things to create a casserole each meal.  Tonight she ate lemon garlic chicken, peas, and carrots mixed with rice cereal.  On nights when we are having something that is already baby friendly (mashed potatoes) or easy to puree (crock pot meal) I will give her some of that :).

Larkyn is still such a smiley baby!

She is easy to take pictures of because it is so easy to get her to smile!

Good morning!

Visiting Grandpa at his work for his birthday

With Daddy's hat

Daddy trying to teach Larkyn how to clap :)

Larkyn spends a lot of time playing and exploring her exersaucer when we are downstairs...and very often one or both kids will "stop by" to play with her :)

When we are upstairs she plays most often in her jungle (however she rolls herself out of it after a while!)
Larkyn is in size 6-9 month onesies and size 3 diapers. Her head and her waistline have grown out of 3 month clothing but her length still fits it just fine :)  She wears mostly size 6 month clothing (although it is still a bit "long" on her arms and legs) and size 1 shoes (however she can still fit into her 3 month jammies!)  My little peanut!
This sweet pea has busy days, with lots to watch and learn from her big sibs!  While she generally takes two naps at 9am and 1pm, I am grateful that she can easily catch catnaps in her carseat on BSF days when our schedule keeps us from being home for her morning nap.  She is so flexible!

Some Videos:

This is my favorite video of Larkyn this month.   Summer took this video of us reading "Peek-A-Boo Forest", a book Larkyn got for Christmas from GeeGee Obermayer.  I think it is safe to say it is her current favorite book!

Although Larkyn is not a crawler, she sure is a "roller"!  Here is a clip of her playing while her siblings were playing cars.

Colton is such an attentive big brother and just loves playing with and talking to Larkyn.  Here is a cute clip of him doing "SO BIG" with her :).

In this video Summer is showing Larkyn her balloon.  Larkyn LOVES to kick both her feet and does so almost constantly when she is laying down.  Makes sense why she was my most active baby inside me!

Daddy has been trying to teach Larkyn to clap.  Most of the time she just stares at him really cute!  Here is a video:

I continually think of Larkyn as a "blessing baby" and will almost every night as I pray for her, before tucking her in, thank the Lord for allowing us to have her!  She is the sweetest little thing and I couldn't be more in love! 


Jill said...

Oh, I loved this post. Larkyn giggling during the book is just the cutest! And, I absolutely love watching Summer and Colton play with her. The expression on her face as Paul claps is priceless. You got some really great pictures and videos, Kel. Oh, and Summer did a great job taping the book reading. :)

Kristin Bjorklund said...

She is just the most precious baby-!!!

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