Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Random October Photo and Video Dump

Kids made me breakfast in bed for my birthday...

and the best part was watching THEM enjoy it ;)

This picture reminds me of a very memorable grocery trip - Colton dropped the Peperonici...glass everywhere...my foot and shoe were soaked...that was only ONE of the things that made this trip interesting...;)

Life these days...a mound this big of laundry to fold just about every other day!

Love my 3 little buddies that keep me company while I fold :)
Summer and doll "Berry"

Colton and "Cookie"

Summer and Daddy

Making "leaf" art

Playing "farm"  while Mommy raked leaves...they harvested their wheat (leaves), chased their runaway cow (Tucker), tried to milk "him", and fed him dog food.  Very entertaining :)

Colton had the idea to make MINI pancakes for breakfast

The kids loved serving themselves off the plate...

The perfect size pancake for dipping in syrup

One little monkey

Another little monkey

Learning states at the park (Here Summer is finding Arizona where our 2nd cousins live)

Summer wrote her first note to one of our Compassion International sponsored children!

Love these two with their backpacks...headed to have lunch at the neighbors house :)
And, some videos:

1) Tucker giving Summer a ride...

2) Larkyn practicing her voice

3) Verse of the Week: Matthew 6:8

4) Verse of the Week: Jeremiah 1:8

5) Verse of the Week: Psalm 147:9


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Haha. Colty on the verses is a STITCH! Is there a song they know for the verses?

Kelly said...

Kristin - the kids make up their own songs each time - never know what they will come up with!

Jill said...

Ha ha. I thought they were copying verses set to music on a CD or something. Way to be original, Kiddos!

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