Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Colton - Two and a Half

My little buddy is now officially closer to 3 years old than 2 years old!  Its a great milestone to stop and write a bit about my middle kiddo...who is also my only boy!  He holds a VERY special place in our family!
*Photo Credit: Angela Ross Photography
Oh, little Colton Buddy!  Where do I begin with you?!?  You are such a silly boy!  You are just plain goofy!  You love to make us laugh with your silly antics and saying the word "pickle" at the most random of times. 
*Photo Credit: Angela Ross Photography

You love to follow your older sister all over the place.  Whenever you don't know where she is you ask, "Where's Summer?" and you always try to keep up with her.  However, you are starting to hold your own quite a bit more with her by not always letting her have her way.  You also LOVE to get her all flustered and get a reaction out of her (of which she definitely gives a good one!).  You like giving her "tackle hugs" ;).  You love playing with her, especially pretending to pack and go on trips to each others' rooms, putting on shows, playing "bunk beds", and making pretend picnics.

*Photo Credit: Angela Ross Photography
Your goofy personality shows through whenever you say our verse of the week.  You love to use silly voices.  You think spitting and poop are hilarious.   You love to be fast.  You love cars and balls and kicking and throwing things.  You are all boy.  And yet you have such an incredibly tender heart toward your little sister.  Whenever you see her you "pet" her and hug and kiss her.  You affectionately call Larkyn "my baby" or "Warkin" and you are so gentle with her, singing to her, shaking her rattle for her, and just staring at her.

You are often on the move, yet can spend quite a while quietly sitting and lining up your cars...over...and over...and over...again!  You will drag your "parking ramp" and basket of cars to any room upstairs just to be with Summer or Mommy in whatever room we are in.

Fun is only fun while we are obedient, however, and these past few months you have been in the "thick of the two's"!  You like to test the rules as well as you will, and unfortunately that has gotten you quite a few unpleasant consequences, often multiple times in a day!  You get quite a few timeouts, and when Mommy says to "go sit on your bed", you go up all by yourself and wait for Mommy to come talk and pray with you.  You respond best to directions when Mommy whispers them in your ear, as you (unlike your sister) have a very one-track mind that can only focus on one thing at a time.  You are improving each day, however, in your obedience.  You are doing great with your "buckle up" chart.   Mommy asks you and Summer to go get in the van while she gets Larkyn and herself ready...and while you used to mess around in the van and bug your obedient buckled up older sister, you now buckle up right away to get an "x" on your carseat chart and have successfully gotten 42 "x"'s in the last week!

Mommy absolutely LOVES Mommy-Colton time with you!  We love playing cars together, kicking a soccer ball,  and playing with your floppy eared bunny.  I love reading books with you, all cuddled up, especially when you rest your chubby dimpled little hand on top of mind (which you often do!).  We read your Bible story every day before your nap, and you are starting to ask really good questions such as "Why did King Herod not like baby Jesus?".  You do an amazing job of remembering and retelling the Bible stories you learn in BSF.  I love our special Mommy-Colton time on Wednesday nights now while Summer is at her Christmas musical rehearsal and you did a great job making brownies almost all by yourself and "reading" the picture directions on the box. 

 You give amazing hugs.  Seriously amazing huge bear hugs!.  You are the speediest "laundry" doer.  You love macaroni and cheese and clementines.  At night you still sleep with your blue monkey blankie, your monkey and baby deer.  You have the book "Little Quack" practically memorized.  You love to count your fruit snacks, your cereal, and anything on your plate.  You have recently learned how to put on your PJ's by yourself, although you have trouble getting the bottoms over your butt and you often have them on backwards!  Nevertheless, you are very persistent and determined to put them on all by yourself!  You have the longest eyelashes (and are often complimented on them by strangers!).

Photo Credit: Angela Ross Photography
My daily prayer for you, Colton, is that you come to know Jesus as your Savior at an early age and that you have a strong conscience that makes you feel guilty when you do something wrong and come running to Jesus.  I pray that you would learn obedience and kindness.  I pray that He protects you physically and spiritually, keeps you pure, and blesses you with godly teachers, friends and someday a spouse to encourage you in His ways.  I pray that God would use your joyful and silly personality to bring glory to His name and others into His kingdom.  I pray that you will be a godly man just like your Daddy.  I love you SO SO much, little buddy, and I am absolutely so thrilled God gave YOU to ME! 

Two-and-a-Half Interview with Colton: (*Note: I started discreetly videoing Colton one day without him knowing it while we were chatting with the attempt to try and capture a bit of our daily conversations (I was feeding Larkyn at the time).  You will notice when he realizes he is being video-ed as he starts being really silly!  I love how this video captures his serious conversational style as well as his goofy personality.  Most of the answers he gives to his interview questions are not truly his favorites, but rather an opportunity to be silly ;).  Nevertheless, it captures a bit of him at age 2.5)


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