Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Announcement!

We are very excited to announce that there will be a third little Tommerdahl joining us next July!!!  

We are nearing the end our first trimester, we have heard the healthy heartbeat, and since I just "popped" (i.e. I now have a small baby bump!) we decided we couldn't keep it a secret any longer!  We told our families these past two weekends at our Christmas celebrations (blog posts to follow) and now we are excited share the good news with our other amazing family and friends!
This picture is a couple weeks old...but is a snapshot of Baby T #3 at 9 weeks!

Here is a little video of us telling Summer a week and a half ago....

Right after Paul turned off the video, Summer said the cutest thing, so I'll just write it stems back to conversations Summer and I have had in the past about "where babies come from".  I told her that mommies and daddies pray for God to give them a baby.  She immediately asked me if we could pray for God to give us another baby.  She followed up by praying herself asking God for a baby.  One of these prayers was not long before we told her that we had a baby in mommy's tummy.  So when we told her that we had a baby in the above video, she exclaimed, "God gave you a baby!!!!!" --like her prayers for a baby had now been answered---so adorable!

Here is a picture of the kids at the almost-2-hour-long doctor-appointment with me the morning after we told Summer about baby--they did absolutely AWESOME!

After we heard the heartbeat, we were excited to tell our families!!

Our plan was to tell each of our families at our Christmas gatherings.  Paul and I each had fun coming up with the way we wanted to tell our families

Kirkwood Christmas this year was scheduled for December 13-15 (blog post to follow).   One of my dad's gifts was a Shutterfly picture calendar with pictures of the kids.  On the due date of Baby T #3 (July 15th) we placed a picture of Grandpa holding a grandchild and wrote "Grandchild #3 is due!".  It was a fun way to announce it, and they loved it, however, Summer spilled the beans at dinner before we got to open presents, and that was fun too :-).

Picture of the calendar page that announced Baby T #3 to the Kirkwood side

Tommerdahl Christmas was scheduled for December 19-22.  Since we hosted Christmas this year, Paul put up an "extra" stocking for people to "notice"!  They all had excited fun responses, and we feel so blessed to have all of our family be so excited for us!

Picture of 5th stocking with ultrasound picture that announced Baby T #3 to the Tommerdahl side
Colton has been enjoying talking about whose stocking is whose.  I caught him in video this morning, and I especially like the part where he talks about "Baby's" stocking!

I'll be attempting to catch up on other Tommerdahl news and Christmas celebrations soon (I have been feeling pretty sick with this pregnancy which has slowed me down a bit ;) ), but wanted to update you all on our BIG news!  Thanks for sharing in our excitement!!!


Jill said...

To say that we are excited would be a huge understatement! So glad the news is out so we can talk about it!!!! Love to all!!!! Summer and Colton are just such dolls. "Colton's star": ooh, just love it!! And, Summer's reaction is so sweet. She is truly a wonderful big sister. Baby #3 will be so blessed to have Summer and Colton as older siblings.

The Baum Family said...

Awwww!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you guys!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! We're SOOO excited for you guys - you are such amazing parents - wow, just wow! Great timing with Paul's promotion too, I'm excited to see how God's plans work out in your family - so exciting!!!

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