Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Part I - Kirkwood Side - December 13-15

We headed over to Woodbury on Friday evening and had "Christmas Eve".  Growing up as kids we had several traditions on Christmas Eve, (such as eating pizza and Christmas cookies, reading the Christmas story by the fire, and opening up one present each), and so we incorporated a bunch of those into our Friday evening.

Cuddles with Auntie Kristin

Uncle Eric showed Colton "cars racing" on his phone...Colton was mesmerized...

Summer wanted to watch too :)
The past few years, the "one present" we open on Christmas Eve has been new PJ's, and one of my mom's "hobbies" ;) is finding ones that all match and taking pictures.

The girls

The boys

The guys, um, *love* taking pajama pictures ;)
My baby sister and me :)
 Reading the Christmas story by the fire has always been one of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up.  My favorite part this year was when, after reading the story, Grandpa asked Summer and Colton questions about the story, like, "Who was Jesus' mommy?" or "Where was Jesus born?", etc.  Colton sat very seriously, legs crossed, hands folded, and each time Grandpa asked a question, Colton would say, "Uuuuuuuuuuum...." like he was about to answer (though he had no clue the answer!).  Totally cracked me up!  Of course Summer knew all the answers and loved answering all of Grandpa's questions :).
Colton "answering" Grandpa's questions about the Christmas story
On Saturday morning, we pretended it was "Christmas morning".  We got up, had breakfast, sang carols like usual, and then opened presents.  Colton was seriously ecstatic to get lots of new matchbox cars and a track for them to race on.  Summer loved her new books, books on CD, big girl CD player, and playdough set!

Racing cars with Uncle Eric

Reading new books

Playing play dough

Summer's new bath towel

Colton's new bath towel
Our traditional Christmas dinner--Swiss Steak--sooo good!
We also enjoyed game nights (Dominos), church at Grandma and Grandpa's church on Sunday, and lots of good food!  It was the perfect first Christmas celebration!  Thanks for everything Mom and Dad!  Love you guys!!


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