Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two Firsts

Well, today each kid had a "first"--Colton's was a "physical" first and Summer's was a "spiritual" first.

For Colton: While he has been walking more than he has been crawling, until today, once he fell, he would crawl over to something and pull himself up in order to walk again.  Today was the first time I saw him (twice) stand up on his own without pulling up on anything :)!  It was fun to watch!

For Summer: For the first time today she prayed (all on her own) without me even around and without it being a mealtime/bedtime prayer. 
The scenerio:  I told Summer to clean up her room (like she does every day after her quiet time).  She cried for 10 minutes because she didn't want to (she literally had like 10 things scattered in her room and could have cleaned up in a fraction of that time!).  Anyway, while I was making dinner she came downstairs (she couldn't come down til her room was clean) and told me:
 "Mommy, I didn't want to clean up my room, but I prayed to God to help me to be obedient and then I cleaned my room."
I almost melted it was so adorable and so, so, so rewarding to see her putting into practice what I have been trying to teach her!  When she is disobedient we often stop and pray for God to help her heart to be obedient, and often something along those lines is in my prayer for her when we pray together each morning after we read her Bible story, but I had never heard her do it completely on her own.  Definitely rewarding!  I was pretty pumped!!


Jill said...

Aw, what a lovely post! So exciting! Good job, Colt!! And, what a sweet testimony about God's faithfulness in Summer's life and how she is learning to trust Him for what she cannot do alone. Good job parenting, Kelly and Paul. Dad and I pray for you daily and I know you are glorifying God in how you parent your precious little ones. Love to all!

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