Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

To our silly and goofy, 

 jack of all trades,
creative playmate,
 creator of fun traditions,
 master of zillions of voices,
 Saturday morning breakfast chef,
songwriter and performer of made-up songs,
weather man who teaches the kids to like thunder,
best "leg-propelled-kiddie-airplane-ride" giver,
speedy jogger-stroller-pusher,
humble but strong in every way,
totally self-less and generous, 
always hardworking,
prayer warrior,
 godly example

We love you so much!

Love, Colton (1 yr) and Summer (2.5 yrs)


Jill said...

Aw, what a wonderful tribute to Paul. :) Cute picture! Love you all!

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