Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some videos

Hi everyone!  Sorry it has been a while since our last post.  We have been having a great week so far.  Last weekend started with a visit from our favorite Fergus Falls relatives: Grandma and Grandpa Tommerdahl, Great-Grandma Sandy, and Uncle Jordan and Uncle Javonte.  Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty came over for a bit too!  We went to a Twins game and hung out at our place and got caught up.  Here is a video Uncle Jordan took of Summer at dinner one night.  Summer had the whole table laughing with her silly faces.  In the video, you will see a few Summer trademarks: She loves to shout "dig, dig, dig, dig", she blows bubbles, she animatedly claps her hands, she waves hello by opening and closing her fist, she puts her hand to her ear to "talk on the phone" (she uses a real phone if she has one in her hand), and she says MMMMmmm when she is eating.


Right now we are on vacation for a week!  YAHOO!  We left on Saturday and will come home next Saturday.  We are staying at my parents' cabin for the week and loving it!  We love playing in the sand, in the water, playing board games, and being together as a family of four (yes, of course Tucker is part of our family!) and getting away from the business of real life for a week.  I haven't been very good about taking pictures so far, and I forgot to bring the video camera, but we do have a few videos from Paul's phone (sorry if the quality isn't that great!) to show you some things Summer has been up to.

She is starting to learn how to feed herself with a fork and a spoon.  She doesn't have the "picking up the food" part down yet but she is starting to get the hang of the "put the food in your mouth" part!  Here is a little video:

She has a new little "dance" she does when she hears music.  She tips her head from side to side touching each shoulder with her head and does a little twist with her tummy.  At first we weren't sure what she was doing, because it is a little funny looking, but now we know it is her way of dancing because she does it when she hears music.  She loves Grandma's little rolling musical toy turtle and will repeatedly press the button that plays the music and "dance" while she plays with her other toys.  When the music runs out, she will press the button again so she can dance and play with her other toys with music in the background!  Paul and I were just sitting and laughing as we watched her yesterday, and Paul took this little video on his phone. You'll notice she is just in her diaper to help her keep cool (Heat index was 110 yesterday with no air conditioning but she doesn't seem to mind!) 

This little video shows a few more "Summer-ism's"!  It is so cute, when she sees me, she will get a big grin and come crawling over.  In this video I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I peeked over the counter at her.  She saw me and came crawling over.  She loves to point at things now and ask what their names are.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what she is pointing at, so we just tell her the names of everything we see.  She is so curious and it is so fun to watch/help her learn.  Each month she gets more and more fun!  Another current Summer-ism you will see in this video is that she will say "oooh" for "uh-oh" if she drops something.

Our little monkey loves to climb the stairs.  She is getting pretty fast, too.  We are still working on how to come down the stairs!  Because I am always spotting her when she is on the stairs, she thinks she can just lean toward me when coming down the stairs and I will catch her.  She doesn't yet understand that she needs to go down the stairs while facing up the stairs!


Jill said...

LOVED watching these videos. Cutest baby ever is getting even cuter! :) Love to all!

The Baum Family said...

Cute videos! It was fun to see her in action. Can't believe she'll be one soon!

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