Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just for fun

Mommy finally got a ponytail to stay....for a little while anyway!


Daddy decided that Summer was having all the fun eating her spaghetti and he wanted to join in the fun!
Summer isn't sure what to think!

"Mom, do you see what he is doing?!?!"

That is pretty cool!
Silly Dad!
Let me try!
sweet :)
Summer fed her self with a spoon for the first time today!
It is still fun to use her fingers though!


The Baum Family said...

The ponytail is too cute, Kel! :) I love it. Looks like she might be a lefty?! Cool!! :)

Jill said...

LOVE this post!! LOVE the ponytail. And, very good job with the spoon. LOVE that baby girl!!

Jill said...

PS I'm still chuckling about the expressions on Summer's face as she looked at Paul's face with spaghetti on it. :) And, that sweet picture where they are sharing a noodle is a keeper. You two are doing a great job of sharing Summer's life with all of us. :)

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