Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the Move

Summer is LOVING her new ability to crawl!  She gets such an excited look on her face when she can choose where she is going to go, and get there on her own!  It sure is cute when she comes to find me....fun when she chooses to comes to me out of her own decision and then smiles up at me!  Must be how God feels when we come to him on our own accord....

Crawling sure has changed some things!  She has definitely hit her head more!  Diaper changes are now quite interesting, as she immediately wants to flip onto her tummy and start crawling.  We can't tuck her in at night any more, as she will immediately flip onto her tummy to peer over her crib and watch us walk out of the room.  What a difference a few months makes!

Paul and I can't help but smile when we see her in her little diaper crawling around the room right before bedtime, so I thought I would share a few videos from tonight with you.  Enjoy!  (In these videos we are playing the "go get the phone" game.)

Summer LOVES to feel everything with her feet.  She still loves to walk while holding our hands, and she will stop and "stomp" her foot to "feel" all sorts of textures...grass, sand, rock, carpet, floor, a toy, a shoe, Tucker :)...anything!  It is hard to video that, because I am holding her hands while she does this, but here is a little video of her feeling the wall with her feet tonight!

I often text Paul pictures of Summer during the day while he is at work.  Here are a few from the past few weeks....along with a few photos of our family visit to the zoo next to Summer's favorite: the goats!

Lovin' running with mommy!

A little car seat nap

At the dog park with Tucker...LOVING watching all the puppies!

My new bike!  (Mommy got it free at a garage sale)

Gotta love the pasta aisle at the grocery store!

YAY Target!
Watching the animals at the zoo

Paul's artistic shot :)

Hi, Goat!
Completely mesmerized by the big screen TV at Menards, while waiting for the paint sample to mix.

On the move!

Bundled up for a rainy run!

Here I go!

Yummy!  Carrots and pears!


Jill said...

So cute! What a little doll on the go! Melted my heart when she said "Mama" and crawled to Kelly! :)

The Baum Family said...

She's so cute! I love how hard babies have to work to figure out how to coordinate their arms and legs!! Great job Summer. :) I think she looks like you in the last picture, Kel! <3

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