Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Craft

What could be more fun 7 babies painting special gifts for their daddies?!?!?!  Not much!!!!  Summer invited her 6 baby friends over last Wednesday for craft day!  We got a bunch of terracota flower pots at Michaels, and some paints.  Our mission was to get baby hand and footprints on the pots to give to their daddies for Father's Day.

We set up our unfinished basement with big sheets of paper as a drop cloth, and filled up the wash tub in the laundry area with hot soapy water for rinsing off painted babies!  You'll also see the swimming pool filled with toys (no water) in the picture, where the babies played after they were done painting.  We had soooooo much fun, and the crafts turned out pretty cute too.

The pots, brushes, paints, etc before the babies came over

LaDonna and Addison, putting a foot print on the pot

The babies in their diapers in the water-less pool.

Summer's profile :-)

Brandon and his mommy Jade, ready to put a blue footprint on his pot for daddy.

A few of the babies in their diapers....

Brandon, Summer, Addison, Adry

Their expressions are so fun!

Summer putting a handprint on her pot for daddy.
Summer's present for Daddy.


Jill said...

Kelly, what a great idea. I am so proud of you for coordinating that craft. You are brave, too! :) What a precious gift made by a precious girl.

The Baum Family said...

Cute, Kel!

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