Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These past few weeks, Summer has been growing up! 

She can now feed herself bits of waffle, turkey, bread, puffs, etc.  Throughout the past few weeks, she has gone through these stages:
1)  Picking up the food and playing with it or dropping it over the side of her high chair to Tucker
2) Picking up the food and handing it to me, to feed to her
3) Picking up the food and holding it in her fist...getting her fist to her mouth, but sucking on her fist with the food stuck in her fist
4) Placing the food in her mouth and eating it!

She is rolling onto her tummy now!  First the first few months of life, she would cry if I put her on her tummy.  Then, ever since she could roll onto her back around 3 months, I called her my little beetle because as soon as I put her on her tummy, she would flip right onto her back.  She never liked being on her tummy!  This past month, she is purposefully rolling onto her tummy to reach things and to become more mobile.  She can now get across her nursery doing a series of rolling and turning moves if she sees a toy she wants.

She is very strong on her feet now!  The past few weeks she has loved walking all over the house while holding onto our hands.  When we come to stairs, she will lift her foot up and place it on the next stair, and climb right up!  She will walk along the edge of the coffee table to try to get to the laptop (she loves the buttons and lights).  Here are two videos.

In this video, she is standing holding onto the coffee table.  At the end, she let go of the coffee table and I got scared she would fall, so I turned off the camera to go "catch" her, but she never fell!  I wished I had left it on, because she just stood there leaning against the couch for several minutes, and then reached back out to hold onto the coffee table.
In this video she is in the process of walking closer to the laptop.  She starts on the far end of the coffee table and makes it all the way to the laptop.  I am still nervous about getting too far away to video because  if she does fall, she would hit her head on the table.  So, you only get to see a little excerpt of her walk.  Sometimes she does it quite quickly, but again, it makes me too nervous to step back and video it just yet!


The Baum Family said...

Aww! Cute videos! It was so fun to see you last weekend!!

Jill said...

Good job, Summer! That laptop is pretty appealing. :)

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