Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wisconsin Weekend

So we spent last weekend in Wisconsin (no, I couldn't hold my breath the entire time).  What was the occasion that brought us to Packer-Land?  The Annual Obermayer Family Weekend!

I guess I really don't have anything against Wisconsin As much as I strongly dislike the Packers, I enjoyed the weekend in the Wisconsin Dells.

The Highlights:

Meeting Cruz Emerson Baum

As you can see over on the Baum Blog, Rowan has a new brother (Rowan and Cruz pictures stolen from their blog). 

And he's pretty cool. 

But then again, so is Rowan.


Kendall celebrated his 16th birthday, which was celebrated at Uno's.  Everybody watch out!  He turned 16!

Kendall and his gifts

Like I said, watch out! 

There was also a different kind of birthday celebration - a shower for Kel to celebrate our upcoming newborn!  From what I've heard, they had a great time (obviously I was not around to eat girly food and play the shower games enjoy the shower). (rest of pics taken by Jill Kirkwood)

And finally, we celebrated Father's Day.  And yes, I celebrated.  :)

Enjoying the Fun of the Dells

Waterparks - including the Howlin' Tornado (in which we just about lost Kendall)

Bowling - obviously, the guys beat the girls.  After barely reaching 100 in my first game, I started the 2nd game with 4 strikes and a spare.  And then our time ran out.  And yes, Kelly did a great job bowling, even at 7.5 months pregnant! (if you're bored, check out the "Bowling" link for a cheezy promo video for Knucklehead's)

Mini-Golf - pregnant women are said to be better at golf than when they are not pregnant (supposedly something to do with the pregnancy forcing them to actually improve their swing).  Apparently, it also applies to mini-golf!  For the first time in my life, I lost in mini-golf to Kel.  Hard to compete with all her holes-in-one!

The Ducks - during the shower, us guys headed out for a little ride of what have made the Dells famous.  The Amphibious Ducks. 

In the end, even thought it was Wisconsin, it was a fun weekend with nice weather and a lot of great people! 


Jill said...

Yes, it was a fun weekend! Thanks for a fun post!

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