Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kirkwood Weekend (Milwaukee)

Prince Fielder, first baseman for the Brewers, says he hopes to spend the rest of his career in Milwaukee. Mainly because it's the only city in America where he's considered thin.

Zing!  Sorry, I had to start off the post with a Wisconsin joke....

Yes, we spent the second weekend in a row in the land that gave us Brett Favre.  We met the Kirkwood side of Kelly's family in Milwaukee for a long weekend.

Highlights included...
Long car rides...

The Safe House (it just wouldn't be right to show you the outside - finding it is part of the fun).  And apparently the password is not "Hi, yes, we have a reservation for 17 for Kirkwood" :)

A Brewers Game (Who have been to the playoffs only once since 1982...another reason MN is better than WI!)

The Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg

More food at the Pasta Shoppe

A little walk along a pier on Lake Michigan

And finally...more food!  This time at a local joint named Culvers (yes, I know, they are everywhere). 

I also had a lot of fun taking some artistic pictures during the weekend.  The Domes, as well as the game and the pier provided some interesting scenery.  All in all, it was another busy, but great weekend! 


Jill said...

LOVE the slide show. Wonderful pictures. Yes, it was a great weekend!!

Kristin K said...

Paul did you delete my post?

Anyway I said I love the joke and the slideshow thing is cool.

The Tommerdahls said...

Nope, haven't deleted any comments - maybe it just didn't post?

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