Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Colton's Birthday

Colton had a very fun and spread out 12th birthday.  On his actual birthday, the girls had late practice for Annie (Tech Week), so I just picked Colton up from school.  He pooled Christmas money and birthday money from multiple family members to purchase a new mountain bike.  Even though he picked it out, we kept it "hidden" in the garage under a blanket until April 10th.  

He was so excited that we took it out for a ride right after school (mountain bike trails weren't open yet for the year).

He spent the rest of the afternoon before soccer working on making "parallel circuits" with an electricity set that his favorite teacher, Dr. Morrison, let him borrow.  While he worked, he asked me to read to him the book we have been reading together.  I love that he still loves to read with me even though he is in middle school!

He had team soccer pics on his birthday so we headed there next.  Then after soccer pics, Paul and I took Colton out to eat (just us 3) to a burger place.  

When the girls got home from practice, we had his choice of brownies, ice cream, and banana bread waiting for him to celebrate!   

We gave him one item (besides money toward the mountain bike) - mountain bike shorts.  The girls gave him their gifts (a wireless computer mouse and a handheld travel fan - both items on his list) and we had a fun family evening guessing Colton's "favorites".

That weekend, we celebrated with breakfast in bed, along with going out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa T to his choice, a Gyro place.  

The following weekend he celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa K going out to his choice, Culver's.  

Thank you, Grandparents, for loving on our boy so much and for your generous gifts toward his new mountain bike!

Instead of a party this year, Colton chose to invite one of his best friends (Isaiah) and his dad to go to a MNUFC soccer game.  Isaiah is probably the only friend of Colton's that has him beat in hair length!

Colton - you are truly a gift.  I love watching you grow and learn as you tackle book after book of the Bible.  I love your motivation to do your best in all things soccer, practicing in your spare time when you don't have practice.  I love your love for playing with little kids and how they adore you at school, church, and soccer.  I love your passion for science and figuring out how things work.  You are a great conversationalist and thinker and you truly want to honor the Lord.  I love watching you be a leader at school and church this year, leading worship on drums, volunteering to speak in chapel, and jumping right in to help wherever is needed.  I love you and am so proud of you.  Stay close to Jesus, always.  


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