Sunday, July 23, 2023

Larkyn turns 9!

 Larkyn got to celebrate her 9th birthday on our Colorado vacation!   We had donuts, went horseback riding in Garden of the Gods, toured a mansion, ate at her choice for dinner (McDonalds), and opened gifts at our campsite.   For more about her day, see our Colorado post.

The celebrations for our 9 year old were not confined to one day!  She celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa T at the trailer, will celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa K at the cabin, had some friends over, and even had a birthday zoo date with Grandma and Grandpa T!  

Trailer Celebration

Grandma decorated the porch with streamers, a banner, and all sorts of "Larkyn" decor!

Grandma also got balloons so we could all learn how to make animals (Larkyn loves all kinds of animals!) out of balloons.  It was great fun and kept us busy for a while!

Grandma made Larkyns favorite (corndogs) for dinner, along with baked beans, Larkyn's favorite kind of chips, and her favorite fruit/pudding salad.

Larkyn LOVES this swing and chose to eat her bday cake on this swing :)

Larkyn opened some fairy house stuff and a certificate that Grandma and Grandpa would take her to the zoo for a special grandma and grandpa + Larkyn date!

Thank you GeeGee Sandy for this little dog (Larkyn named it Cinnamon and it goes everywhere with her) and gift card to Claire's.  She can't wait to go!

Friends Party

When I asked what Larkyn wanted to do for her birthday this year, her first choice was to have some friends celebrate with her up in our treehouse.  She and Colton decorated the treehouse before three of her friends joined her for a fun afternoon of playing her favorite game (Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza), hide and seek, backyard play, pizza, decorating cupcakes, and making friendship bracelets.  It was a perfect Larkyn party!

Birthday Date with
Grandma and Grandpa T

Grandma and Grandpa T know how much Larkyn loves animals of all kinds, so for Larkyn's birthday, they drove down to the Twin Cities to take Larkyn on a day date to the zoo!  Dolphins were on loan from a zoo in Chicago, so Larkyn got to see a dolphin show!  They also treated her to a ride on a camel, lunch, Dippin' Dots, and a giant Dolphin stuffed animal.  What a sweet time they had together!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa T, for giving Larkyn such a generous and special celebration!

Cabin Celebration

(pictures coming soon!)


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