Sunday, March 19, 2023


 The kids' school put on a version of Pinocchio written by two teachers from their school.  It was absolutely fantastic!  The story-line followed Pinocchio, who from teh moment he was "created" wanted to "detach" himself from his Father's will by cutting his puppet strings.  As the story unfolds, Pinocchio follows after many things that he thinks will make him happy including fame, money, and pleasure while Jiminy Cricket, acting as the Holy Spirit, tries to draw him back to his Father.  All the while, his Father keeps loving and keeps searching for him.  In the end, Pinocchio's cross-bar/puppet string shaped as a "cross" was what ultimately saved him from himself and drew him back to his Father.  Ms. Chant and Ms. Strand did an amazing job writing the script, and choosing songs for each class to sing throughout the play that added to the story.  The play was live-streamed the first night at this link.  I will include pictures and videos of some portions where our kiddos played a role.  Summer played the part of Jiminy Cricket, and did a fabulous job making the part fun in her green vest and bowtie, top hat, and cane.   Colton sang a solo as part of his class's part in the production and Larkyn loved performing her dance with the third graders.  We are so grateful for all the family and friends that supported our kiddos both online and in person!





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