Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Happy Birthday Larkyn

 Larkyn turned EIGHT on July 1st!  She was a very celebrated young lady!  Here are some pictures from her celebrations:

Celebration at the Cabin

Celebration at the Trailer

Date with Mom

*Larkyn LOVES colored hair and wanted to dye it all blue- so for her bday date we picked out her color, and had a backyard beauty salon date!  We decided together that we would just dye the tips blue for the first go around :-)

Celebration with Friends

Dolls and girls ate the same meal:
Corn dogs (big for girls, mini on a toothpick for dolls)
Corn on the cob (big for girls, mini cobs for dolls)
Cantelope (cut big and small)
Chips (big and crumbled small)
Sunny Delight (in large and small cups with large a small straws)
Cookie Icecream sandwiches (made with large and small cookies)

Celebration with Family

Happy happy birthday sweet girl!  I love you so much I want to "squeeze you like a ketchup packet"!  


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