Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 May was a busy month, and its practically July as I write this, but here is some of what we were up to in May!

School Stuff

Spring Concerts

Larkyn 2nd grade choir concert

Colton 4th grade choir concert

Colton - 4th grade band concert

Summer band concert

Paul was here too, but he left shortly after Summer's concert to pick up Colton from soccer :)

Track and Field Day

It was a perfect weather track and field day!  Paul got assigned to work the discus (frisbee) throw, and I was assigned to the 2nd grade class (which is why there are lots of Larkyn pictures!).

2nd Grade Field Trip

The second grade class got to go to the zoo, and I was thrilled to chaperone!

4th Grade Reader's Theater

Colton's class put on a reader's theater.

4th Grade Shark Tank

Colton's class had a project where they had to invent something, and present it like they do on the t.v. show Shark Tank.  These pictures are from when they set up their inventions in the cafeteria so the elementary could walk through and see them.

Family Stuff

Family Fun

Biking and Geocaching combined is the perfect activity for our family - it includes facets that everyone loves!

Larkyn found this tiny geocache magnet stuck inside this drainage pipe!  These kids are good!

One-on-One Fun

Paul and a friend took Colton and a friend to Colton's first Twins game.

Paul and Summer at a Loons game

Colton and I mountain biking

Colton and I on his belated bday date - mini golf

Larkyn and I on a hiking date

Extended Family Fun

Performance/Activity Stuff

Piano Recital

In the spring, rather than a full recital, students do a mini recital during their last lesson time, just for families, where students pick a song or two they have been working on, and share it with their families.  Because our kids all missed their winter recital due to sickness, this was Larkyn's first recital!

Here are some links to their piano songs in case you want to hear what they picked to play.  The first link is actually a link of Summer and Colton playing a Pink Panther duet at home.  I included it because its kid of silly/fun!

Gospel of Mark Play

Summer joined a theater group at our church, and they put on a spring play that told the entire gospel of Mark!  The two hour play literally went through the Gospel of Mark, with a character from each passage telling the story from a creative point of view.  Actors would change scarves/headwear/what they were carrying, etc as they jumped into different character roles, and portrayed different passages from Mark from that character's point of view in a monologue style.  Summer acted out many of the roles including a child coming to Jesus, the servant girl at Peter's denial, a lawyer in a case of Jesus vs Pharisees, travelers watching Jesus enter Jerusalem, and more.  The entire production was filmed and is available at this link: Gospel of Mark play Here are a few screenshots:


Colton has been LOVING soccer.  He wishes he had practice or a game EVERY day instead of only 3x a week!  I am not good at taking pictures/videos but Grandma T took some at his recent tournament and was able to catch two of his goals on video!  I am too busy cheering that I never think to video, so  shout out thank you, Grandma! Colton is #9 and is wearing either a blue or and orange jersey in each of the videos.  Grandma and Grandpa both caught some more of Colton's goals on video in his first June tournament, but I'll save those for the June post!

Links to May tournament soccer videos (credit to Grandma T!):
May Tournament Game 1 goal

House Stuff

House Projects

We tackled some outdoor projects this spring, including giving the front porch and back patio a face lift.

Front Door "Before"

Front Door "After"

Kid's Garden

Patio "Before"

Patio "After"


We had quite a few May storms, with giant hail!  The boys collected these!


Mother's Day

The kid's took turns being the photographers, so I'll include their pics below!  

Paul's Birthday

Paul Finishes MBA!

After 3 years and lots of work, we are ALL thrilled that Paul can check MBA off his list!  


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