Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Colton's Birthday

 We celebrated Colton's (golden!) 10th birthday with both family and friends!  He chose to have a party at Grand Slam with some awesome buddies from both school, church, and various sports teams.

He was so excited that both sets of grandparents and his MN cousins could all be at the same dinner to celebrate him!  He picked Snuffy's for burgers and shakes.

Grandma and Grandpa T gave Colton a crash-ride cymbal and stand for his drum set and Grandma and Grandpa K gave Colton the new Loons jersey and other Loons gear!  Teddy and Charlie made Colton sweet cards!

Back at home, we celebrated with Colton's choice meal of smoked salmon, and Colton opened a hi-hat cymbal for his drum set, along with some new shoes he had been wanting and the game Ticket to Ride (which we had so much fun playing as a family!)

Happy 10th birthday to our favorite son!  Colton, you are adventurous, fun, kind, responsible, sport loving, amazing conversationalist, godly, smart, creative, and so much more!  We are so proud of the young man you are growing to be, and couldn't ask for a better son.  We thank the Lord for you!


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