Monday, March 14, 2022

Minneapolis Staycation

As alluded to in my previous post, Paul and I had a trip to Las Vegas planned for just the two of us.  We were so excited!  The morning that we were supposed to leave, Colton woke up with the stomach flu.  Long story short, we needed to last-minute cancel everything and stay home.  Due to many factors, we were not able to reschedule the trip, but we wanted to spend some time together just the same.  As the kids are getting older and more involved in evening activities with later bedtimes, we have noticed that we need to be more intentional about finding time for "us".  A few weeks after our cancelled trip, we decided to do a two-night getaway to Minneapolis and just have some time together!  We did some shopping at Mall of America, ate at RH rooftop, stayed at a hotel, "pretended" (j/k) that we were in another country enjoying browsing the midtown global market and learning a ton from the Somali museum.  We also went to a mystery dinner, which was a really fun and new thing to both of us!  It was great to "get-away" and spend some time having fun together!

A huge thank you to Grandma and Grandpa T who spent the weekend having fun with our kiddos!  They went to an escape room together and enjoyed spending time with their dogs!

Colton is also very grateful that they brought along Uncle Jordan's old drumset.  Colton started drum lessons a few weeks ago and is LOVING it!


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