Monday, January 31, 2022


 Our January was filled with family, friends, school, and activities!  Pictures included....


learning minecraft from Javonte

They escaped from the escape room with minutes to spare!

hot chocolate date

When the youth group winter retreat was cancelled due to Covid, Summer had 3 of her best friends over for a sleepover!

These girls are such a blessing.

All 4 love the Lord, and and love and pray for each other so well!

All 3 friends love to act, and are very creative.  They wrote and performed a play together, including props, costumes, songs, sound effects, and a multimedia twist, all in a few hours.  They amaze me.  Click here to watch it.

Summer and friend Allegra sledding

Larkyn loves to practice at school (when she can use the keyboard) while Summer has cheer practice.  Click here for a clip of her practicing.

Colton loves basketball, love to practice, loves to play, and is improving a lot!  He is #2.  Click here for a video of his game-winning overtime shot.

Summer is loving being a cheerleader!  She gets to cheer for all varsity boys home games, and cheering fits her gifts of encouragement, love of the stage, fantastic memory, and natural enthusiasm perfectly!  She is a natural!  They have been working on a halftime show set to music that will debut at this week's homecoming game, but for now I'll include a link here of the halftime cheer that they did at their last game.

More Cheers:

Cheering section for the cheerleader!


I got to chaperone Summer's middle school ski field trip!  It was single digit temps, but still so fun!

Happy half birthday to Larkyn!  As a summer birthday, she celebrated her half birthday at school.  She has been counting down the days until she could bring treats and be celebrated at school!  Happy 7.5 years, kiddo! :-)

It wasn't only Larkyn's half birthday this month!  It was also her spiritual birthday!  We celebrate the day that she chose the SHE wanted to follow Jesus!  She gets to pick a meal to make for the family (she went all out with rainbows and sprinkles this year!), we re-read each of her spiritual bday blog posts as we remember and praise the Lord for her decision, her spiritual growth, and the ways we celebrated in year's prior, and she gets to open one gift that will further her spiritual growth.

We are LOVING this book so far - amazing stories, illustrations, and thoughts to discuss and share, along with an amazing prayer in each story. Larkyn and I still do our daily Bible reading each morning when I wake her up (from our One Year Devotions book), but we have loved reading these stories as bedtime stories.  Highly recommend. 


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