Sunday, June 27, 2021

Larkyn turns 7!

 I think that Larkyn's SEVENTH birthday is about the best one she will ever have!  This girl was SO celebrated!!!!!!  Her birthday started with a birthday party to Grand Slam with friends from old school, church, new school.  Then the following day included presents, and dinner of her choice at Five Guys.  Because Paul and I were on our trip over her actual birthday, and the kids spent time with both sets of grandparents, Larkyn got two more parties/celebrations, one with each set of Grandparents!  What a birthday!!!


Designated Birthday

Larkyn started asking for her first choice birthday present MONTHS ago.  She wanted a bunk bed!  Summer asked Larkyn to sleep over the night before "designated birthday", so Paul was able to get a lot of it set up before she even woke up for the day.  The rest was secretly finished behind closed doors (with streamers and balloons) until gift opening time :).  Summer and Colton were very generous with her, Colton getting her a rubix cube which she has wanted for a while, and Summer getting her a horseback riding outfit for her doll.

The next morning, we all left town for two weeks....the kids went to two weeks of Grandma and Grandpa camp (one week with each set), and Paul and I went to Greece!  More on that in the next two posts...including more on how Larkyn celebrated with the grandparents :)  Until then, happy 7th birthday sweet Larkyn!  We love you so much!


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