Thursday, April 1, 2021

Lion King and Pinewood Derby

Besides the normal gymnastics, music lessons, basketball, Church clubs, being Mother's Helper (Summer), etc. that make up our normal weeks, there were two "extra" activities that were especially fun!  First, was a modified version of a Lion King performance, and the second was Colton's Pinewood Derby.

Lion King

 All three kids participated in a zoom rehearsal, covid-friendly Lion King Jr.  They all did a great job, and we enjoyed watching the "movie" they put together after filming small groups of them with masks built into their costumes.  What a fun way to have theater and music fun despite the pandemic!  Summer was older Nala, Larkyn was younger Nala, and Colton was Ed (a hyena).  Summer played Ed for one part, as Colton had Trail Life one night they were filming.  All three were also "extra" animals in scenes where their main character wasn't present.  Here are a few screenshots from the movie that we were emailed after their filming....

Pinewood Derby

Speaking of Trail Life, Colton was thrilled to participate in the Pinewood Derby this year.  He and Daddy spend some fun time together working on his car, and it was pretty cool looking!  They both learned a lot about strategies for making his car faster!


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